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We walk around on floors all day, it’s pretty normal. However, what isn’t normal is not having a good floor to walk on. Imagine the scenario, you just got a new house, or an apartment and it has terrible cemented flooring that sucks to walk on, or maybe it’s just terribly done, damaged or whatever. Whether you need your floors installed or want them repaired, we’re the right people for the job.

The Best Flooring Company

You’re probably looking for the best Houston flooring companies, you’re in the right place at the right time. We’re your local flooring installers, laminate flooring contractors and are also among the best laminate flooring contractors near you. We take pride in our work, we know that you need floor repair companies that are experienced, helpful and industry-grade.

As Gulf Remodeling known as the best hardwood flooring contractors, flooring installation contractor and wood flooring Repair Company, we take pride in our work and we enable our professionals to reach their full potential because of our in-house training and external certification.

Do you want great quality floors installed in your residential, commercial or industrial property? Do you want them done right the first time? Are those wood flooring repair issues getting to you? Are the local flooring companies too much to handle? Wear not, we’re the local flooring installers and laminate flooring contractors that will do your job with ease.

Floor installation & repair

Floor installation & repair Houston

Wouldn’t you want to work with someone who has the best experience and does exactly what you need on a daily basis? Gulf Remodeling is also verified platinum member of the chamber of commerce.

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Flooring Repair

Flooring Repair & Installation Quality

We take pride in providing the best quality flooring installation and repair services and we maintain quality continuously. As your floor installation Houston company, we can help with any [sta_anchor id=”residential-flooring” unsan=”residential flooring”]residential flooring[/sta_anchor] or [sta_anchor id=”commercial-flooring” unsan=”commercial flooring”]commercial flooring[/sta_anchor] project. We:

  • Provide high-quality material for your flooring that is unmatched on the market
  • Do NOT use any sort of external contractors for our work; all of our work is done in-house and by our quality-assured and trained experts
  • Provide standardized flooring installation that is equal to or better than the market
  • Provide wood flooring repair that is effective and blends in with the rest of the wooden floor instead of standing out
  • Are Laminated flooring contractors with years of experience under the belt

We are a customer-focused, quality-assured, and acclaimed by our customers and the market experts. We attribute our expertise to a variety of training methods we employ in-house and through external agencies to certify and train our experts. We do not believe in hiring experts and putting them right to work, we first train them according to our standards before sending them into the field to work on your floors.

Flooring Installation & Repair Services:

  • Hardwood installation and repair
  • Hardwood floor refinishing
  • Laminate floor installation and repair
  • Carpet installation & repair
  • Tile floor installation and repair
  • Granite countertop installation, yes even that.

Flooring Installation

Flooring Installers That You Can Trust

The whole process of installing floor isn’t something that all contractors get right; we’re the company that does. How do we provide consistency and quality in each and every order? Our professionals.

Other than certification, we take extra measures to train our professionals with various sorts of communication skills in order to maximize communication between our team and the customer. Why is communication important? For a flooring installation contractor, laminate flooring contractor and floor repair companies, we want each and every order to be precisely what the customer wants. This not only provides complete customer satisfaction but also makes our professionals’ jobs much easier and smoother.


Carpet Installation Houston TX

Trained Flooring Installation & Repair Specialists

How to choose the best flooring company? 

If you’re still not convinced to hire us as your laminate flooring contractor and hardwood flooring contractor, we have more reasons to convince you that we’re actually the best. Over the years of our service, we’ve had hundreds of orders and have a success and satisfaction rate of over 99%. Our services are acclaimed by the community and all work that we do is centered around and for our customers. We often make policy changes to enable our customers and provide them with much better service than ever before.

  • Trained professionally and certified and have training in communication skills and inter-team communication.
  • Proficient with all sorts of laminate flooring, wooden flooring, etc. installation and repairing.
  • Great with pets; guaranteed to work around pets and keep pets away from any sort of things they shouldn’t be in.
  • Experienced with all sorts of lamination and hardwood installation/repair methods for maximized efficiency.
  • Experienced with all sorts of tools and machinery.

Why you should let us help…
How to find the best flooring contractor? 
Let’s read about the most popular reasons that you should consider when choosing your flooring contractor and learn how to choose the right flooring company.
  • Only use products that are pet friendly as well, we do not want to use anything that puts your beloved pets in any sort of danger, and that’s a guarantee
  • Work as silently as possible in order to not disrupt your day to day functioning
  • Take the shortest and the most effective steps for installing wooden floors and laminating floor in order to reduce the time taken. We will not do anything unnecessarily and whatever time we do take is absolutely essential to get the job done effectively.
  • Great with pets; we love cats, dogs or any type of pets you have, even snakes.
  • Evaluate the damage to your floor thoroughly before giving you any sort of fixed price; our prices are exactly are based on exactly in order to fix the damages and pay our professionals.
  • Charge fair prices that are on-par with market or are beating the market completely. We take pride in our pricing and our customers appreciate that.

High-Quality & Affordable – what’s our secret?

We focus on having the best products and services for our customers by getting the best deals from our suppliers. At the end of the day, if our customers are not 100% happy, we will not be happy. As we buy different types of flooring in huge bulk quantities, we get better deals than many others. We have a trusted name in the market with all of our suppliers and factories who are the best name brands in the flooring industry. At the end, you get the highest-quality for your flooring and the best floor installation or repair services. Let us help, you will be glad you did.

flooring installation houston tx

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We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee as Gulf Remodeling is the brand of trust. Your project will be stress free, affordable and just as you imagined it. You will be happy to invite your family & friends to see how your decision was the best because you decided to go with a company that guarantees their work & quality. We’re not your run-of-the-mill flooring company; we’re accurate, professional and quality assured. IF you want the best of the best for your property’s flooring, hire us and we’ll get it done in no time.  This should be the ultimate guide to know everything about Flooring Installation & Repair done right. So let us help and fill out the form to get a free consultation or give us a call at 832-500-7810

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