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House Painting is an art, let our professional painters take care of your next project. Want to apply a gentle layer of paint on your house to give it a new breath of life? If so, we’re the house painting company that will get the job done. We use the best equipment, the best paint, and the best people for the job so you can have a clean looking paint project done professionally at your home without any trim paint, rosin paper, or any sort of sloppy finishing. When it comes to painting a house, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • The paint type used
  • The process used
  • The colors used
  • The time taken
  • Equipment used
  • Clean edges

It doesn’t matter if it’s an exterior house painting job or an interior house painting in Houston TX, we’re the right contractor for the job. Gulf Remodeling is your premium Houston Painting Contractor, we make the process simple & affordable for all.


Professional House Painting

Painting a house is a process; it’s more than just slapping some paint over some walls, it’s an art form. We’re the house painting professionals of Houston TX that will paint your house with the highest quality standards in mind; you should always hire a Houston painting company who has many years of experience locally, Gulf Remodeling’s house painting team has the needed experience and equipment to get the job perfectly done, additionally we are a platinum member of the chamber of commerce

Here are some highlights of how a professional house painting is done:

  • Cover all essential areas from paint
  • Protect your pets (if need be) from the paint fumes
  • Paint your house according to desired colors
  • Provide professional artisan feedback for your paint jobs
  • After project cleaning to ensure the space is ready for usage
  • Listen to your plan & work with you to reach the goal
  • Provide professional consultation for any questions you have
  • Get you the highest quality results while keeping the costs low

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Interior House Painting

Interior house painting is important for most houses; not only does it make individual rooms look unique, but also give said rooms an exclusive look. House painting is a form of home remodeling and you always want to plan it right and make the best decision when it comes to choosing the best painting company for your project. Whether you’r you’re looking for a house painter or a decorator, you’re in the right place.

We provide the best interior house painting on the market, with:

  • A wide color pallet
  • Custom wall painting and designs
  • Professionally done stenciling
  • Unmatched clean look
  • Custom work for custom rooms

House Painting Ideas

House painting is an art form; there are tons of house painting ideas on the market, we’re a professional company that will provide professional ideas. From our design experts to our interior design professionals, we’ll provide you with the best house painting ideas on the market. Let us give you a free consultation and a free estimate today.

Exterior House Painting

Painting the outside of your house? Want the best painters in out? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Exterior House Painting Usually includes:

  1. Quality paint with high-quality weather resistance
  2. Weather resistance
  3. Dust, rain, wind resistance
  4. Fast and easy process
  5. Quality finishing
  6. Aesthetically pleasing
  7. Windows Repair or Replacement if required
  8. Doors Repair, Paint or Replace if required

With so many options to choose from, our professionals will provide you with an assortment of example colors that’ll make the process much easier.

Brick House Painting

Got a brick house you want painted? We’re the professionals that will get that done; with experience painting brick houses for years, we know how the painting process is done. Our brick house painting service includes:

  • Professionally done
  • Colors that will match the overall design of the house
  • Quality painting job and professional finishing
  • And much more

House Painting Houston Cost

You should use the best quality for your house painting project that your financial budget permits — not only since it can look the nicest, but also since it can save you a lot of hassle in the future by offering better coverage, strength & lasting look and resilience.

Better coverage means fewer jackets and fewer work time for your house painter which means less costs; better strength means that you will not have to invest money to coloring the exterior of your house again in simply a few years.

If for you visit the home improvement store, you will find 100’s or maybe 1000’s of painting brands and colors, some are good and some aren’t very good. Some are well marketed so they are known to be good but in reality they might be just average. You will need to avoid those. However, an experienced house painting contractor should be able to guide to make the right choice. A Whole House Painting Job in Houston costs on average $3,700 up to $19,900 depending on the house size, painting job requirements, interior or exterior painting and whether you will need drywall repair or installation as well or not. But that varies and it’s just an average, we will need to talk to you first in order to give you an actual accurate quote.

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