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Garages are some of those areas where we just find it to be messy, full of stuff and a lot of broken stuff as well. We’ve seen some pretty beat up garages with broken lights, broken shelves, storage units, light switches and generally being full of oil spills (from cars) and a very olden interior and accessing areas.

Our company provides Garage remodel in Houston and Garage conversions. We will convert your garage completely and garage remodel into living space is something we’ve covered for our customers with completely amazing results.

If you’re looking for a garage remodel contractor, we’re the Houston remodeling service you need.

Our Garage Conversion & Remodels professionals

We train our professionals with the modern training and provide them with the best equipment, materials and instructions that allow them to complete their jobs in no time, churn out a product that is worth the customer’s time and money and be up-to-date.

  1. Work under the budget for your garage remodel Houston, garage conversion or garage remodel into living space
  2. Provide your garage space with the renovation it needs; we focus on giving garages the essentials before we go forward with the luxuries
  3. Focus on the design as well as the functionality without compromising on either
  4. Working exactly as how our customers want us to and not add anything needlessly without consulting the customer beforehand.
  5. Our professionals have been trained in accordance with the latest market trends as well as some company-exclusive training that are very important in order to execute our services efficiently and better than our competitors.

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Garage Conversion Local Experts

  • We train our employees that includes our renovation experts, customer support experts, designers etc. with customer interaction and communication training that allows them to convey their message as well as receive the customer’s message efficiently and implement it in their work. This is also important when working as a team as it is important to be well-coordinated when working on a project on our side.
  • We train our employees to distinguish between the qualities of materials accurately; there is no doubt about that our security, safety and customer satisfaction dictate us to use the best products in order to avoid any mishaps that may occur due to shoddy construction.
  • Our professionals have years under the belt and in order to garage remodel or doing Houston remodeling, we focus heavily on customer satisfaction through quality work.

Garage Conversion & Remodel Ideas

Why would you want to remodel or convert your garage in the first place?

Garage conversion is very common these days and it’s for people who want an extra activity room after shifting from indoor to outdoor parking and want to us the space for: 

  • Sizable bedroom
  • Want to extend the rooms to accommodate more people inside the house
  • Man caves
  • Specialized training rooms
  • Garage to gym conversions
  • Among other personalized things.

To summarize: Some of the garage conversion ideas that we can help you with are:

More reasons to consider a Garage Conversion & Remodel:

Conversions allow you to fully utilize your garage space and create it exactly how you want it to. We’ve worked on many projects where the garage conversion looks just as good as or even better than the rest of the house.

As for the remodeling, that is common too in order to make more space inside the garage space for more storage space (while still having space to fit a car), create a small gym, update the interior, add some sort of misc. items that are desirable.

Customer Feedback

Gulf Remodeling's Team knows what they are doing, all you need to do is just give them an idea and they will show you everything and more, their garage conversion and remodeling ideas are awesome. Thank you Gulf Remodeling!
- Liza Minn.

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