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Old Home Remodel Contractor in Houston

Houston’s streets are lined with stories — stories that are etched into the walls of its old homes. If you’re a homeowner of one of these vintage beauties, you’ve probably considered giving it a facelift. This is where the role of an old home remodel contractor becomes invaluable.

Understanding the Remodeling Process

When diving into the vast ocean of home renovation, understanding the step-by-step process can save you from many potential headaches.

  1. Initial Consultation: The first meet with your old home remodel contractor. This is where dreams are discussed and visions are shared.
  2. Site Evaluation: The contractor assesses the house, identifying structural issues, understanding architectural nuances, and gauging the scale of work.
  3. Blueprints and Design: Crafting a plan that respects the home’s original charm while introducing modern comforts.
  4. Permit Acquisition: Every city has its regulations, and Houston is no different. A seasoned old home remodel contractor would know the intricacies of the permitting process.

Talk Money: Costs and Prices

Ah, the million-dollar (hopefully not!) question: “How much will it cost?” Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Labor Costs: This is usually the most significant chunk. An old home remodel contractor will have a team of skilled laborers, electricians, plumbers, and painters. Their expertise doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth every penny.
  2. Materials: Going for those Italian marble tiles? They’ll cost you. Opting for reclaimed wood? More eco-friendly and might save you a few bucks.
  3. Contingencies: Always set aside 10-15% more than your contractor’s quote. Old homes are full of surprises. That beautiful wall might be hiding a century-old leaking pipe!

The Tale of Mrs. Robinson’s House

To grasp the transformative magic an old home remodel contractor can bring, let’s look at Mrs. Robinson’s 1920s Bungalow in Houston Heights. She wanted to preserve the intricate wooden moldings but was desperate for a modern kitchen.

Enter Gulf Remodeling, a reputed old home remodel contractor. They brilliantly married the old with the new, creating a kitchen space boasting the latest amenities while the living room still echoed the roaring twenties.

Free Quotes: A Boon for Budgeting

Many top-notch old home remodel contractors in Houston, understanding homeowners’ apprehensions, offer free quotes. It’s a win-win. You get a ballpark figure to plan your budget, and they get a foot in the door, quite literally.

Why Not DIY?

DIY culture is all the rage, and while it’s perfect for that backyard garden project, perhaps not so for overhauling an entire home. An experienced old home remodel contractor knows the lay of the land, from dealing with unexpected termite infestations to ensuring the new electrical wiring meets city regulations.

The Emotional Quotient

Beyond bricks, tiles, and paint, remodeling an old home is deeply emotional. It’s not just about making a space look new; it’s about enhancing its soul, its stories. An expert old home remodel contractor will tread this delicate balance, ensuring your grandparents’ memories remain intact while giving you the comforts of the 21st century.

Services by an Old Home Remodel Contractor

Beyond the basic renovations, a comprehensive old home remodel contractor in Houston provides an array of specialized services tailored to old homes. Let’s unbox some of these services:

1. Structural Integrity Check

Before you throw on a new coat of paint or install a bathtub, it’s paramount to ensure the foundation and framework of the home are robust.

  • Foundation Repair: Old homes often settle over time. A contractor will inspect for any foundation shifts or cracks and recommend necessary repairs.
  • Beam and Joist Reinforcements: To ensure the home can bear modern renovations and extensions.

2. Historical Preservation

For those homes with historical significance or distinctive architectural features.

  • Restorative Techniques: Keeping the patina of the past intact while ensuring functionality.
  • Replication of Original Elements: Lost an original stained-glass window or a vintage doorknob? Some contractors specialize in replicating these to match the home’s era.

3. Modern Upgrades

Blending the old with the new without a jarring contrast is an art.

  • Smart Home Integrations: Fancy controlling your century-old home’s lights with a voice command? Modern tech integrations can make it happen.
  • Energy Efficiency: From solar panels to energy-saving windows, an old home remodel contractor can turn your vintage house green!

4. Custom Woodwork

Nothing matches the charm of authentic woodwork.

  • Restoration of Original Woodwork: Over time, wooden elements like banisters, moldings, and floors wear out. A contractor can restore these to their original glory.
  • Bespoke Furniture: Imagine a Victorian-era home boasting custom-made wooden furniture that matches its time — that’s what a skilled contractor can offer.

5. Kitchen and Bathroom Overhauls

Arguably the most frequented spaces in a home, modern conveniences here are non-negotiable.

  • Vintage Appliance Upgrades: Who said you can’t have a 1920s icebox that’s actually a state-of-the-art refrigerator inside?
  • Plumbing Updates: Old pipes can be a menace. Modern plumbing ensures you get your hot bath without a hitch!

6. Landscape and Exterior Refurbishing

First impressions last. The exterior of your old home deserves as much attention as the interiors.

  • Garden Restoration: Bringing old gardens back to life, maybe finding that forgotten rose variety.
  • Façade Upgrades: Repairing worn-out bricks, introducing modern insulation, or even a fresh coat of period-appropriate paint.

Navigating the Maze of Choices

While the array of services can be dizzying, a consultative approach by your old home remodel contractor can ease decision-making. They’ll assess your home, understand your vision, and align it with your budget. Whether it’s a minor touch-up, a significant overhaul, or specialized restoration, every choice you make adds another chapter to your home’s illustrious story.


  1. How do I validate an old home remodel contractor’s expertise?
    Beyond their portfolio, check for client testimonials and online reviews.
  2. How long does a typical remodeling project last?
    This varies, but a ballpark is 3-6 months for extensive renovations.
  3. What if my budget overshoots mid-way?
    A transparent old home remodel contractor will alert you well in advance. Always have a contingency fund.
  4. Is it eco-friendly to remodel?
    Yes! Many contractors prioritize sustainability, from sourcing materials to waste disposal.
  5. How often should an old home undergo remodeling?
    Major overhauls might be once in a lifetime, but minor updates could be every 10-15 years.

Finally, Get Your Free Quote!

The magic of old homes lies in their whispered tales of yesteryears, their nooks that have seen countless dreams, and their walls that have weathered many storms. An adept old home remodel contractor not only preserves these tales but enriches them, ensuring the home continues its storytelling for generations to come.

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